About Us


SWASTIK FOOD, manufacturer and exporter of Indian Traditional Snack Foods supply premium quality Wheat Pellets & Fryums (ready-to-eat and ready-to-fry segment) with modern fineness. Our range of Traditional Snacks and Food Condiments comprises of extruded pellets which are ready-to-fry snacks. Instant foods or quick to prepare foods have become a favorite and must have grocery now-a-days. The Snack Foods, offered by SWASTIK FOOD are easy to prepare and are delicious at the same time. It bring you the convenient way to prepare meals. It also present a host of snacks that delight the Indian palate. It present a wide range of foodstuffs and traditional snacks. It offers the choicest items, packed efficiently at the most competitive prices.

SWASTIK FOOD manufactures Snack Pellets/Maida Papad/Fryums. Our snacks are best in terms of quality and taste in the snacks segment. SF BRAND snacks are light ,crispy and tasty in taste. We also ensure to take necessary and regular feedback from our customer to continue improve our products and to enhance the business. Our snacks are made focusing on diet conscious people as well because we also modify our snacks in such a way that apart from frying they can be roasted also for people who are very much health conscious, they can roast it and eat.. We provide instant snack pellets, which means our snacks are not supposed to be given heat or put under sun light before frying. We produce snacks in different colours i.e., White, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange. We assure our snacks getting doubled in size after frying, double from all sides. Crispiness remains the same in both, frying and roasting.We provide snacks in all sizes as per demand and all shapes available in our product gallery. We have erected a Good infrastructure in Ahemadabad, Gujarat. It comprises elaborately designed units which are rich with ultra modern facilities. Some of the units in our infrastructure include:

Please go through our website to find more about us and our snacks. In case you cannot find the right information, just send us an email or give us a call. Your inquiries are most welcome! We keep relations with our customers at top priority, we consider all our customers as our base of our business.

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